Ordering & Purchasing



I make furniture on speculation and I accept commissions. As a rule, I make only Barry Newstat Furniture, furniture I design. But, on occasion I'll break that rule only if I am completely comfortable making the piece, and drawings and/or images are provided. It's an inconsistent rule, but I'm always happy to discuss new projects.

Cabinets tend to be one-of-a-kinds, either by design or by unique pieces/types of wood. Reproducing a cabinet usually means it's inspired by, or a variation of the piece shown. Typically, I reproduce only tables and chairs as they are shown. Although, even tables and chairs can be one-of-a-kinds. Sets of chairs may vary slightly from previous sets. And because I give so much attention to the lumber, especially for table tops, each table will have its own personality.

For custom commissions: I typically work from images of other Barry Newstat Furniture pieces I've made, an existing Barry Newstat Furniture piece, drawings or a combination. A $200 design fee for drawings will be requested. Depending on the complexity of the piece, design fees can be included in the cost of the piece, or before I begin drawing.

A note on prices: The prices listed are for the specific piece shown. Changing the type of wood and dimensions of the piece can/will change the price. Chair prices are COM (customer's own material). Customers supply, at their cost, fabric or leather.